Friday, December 5, 2008

How to find device mappings in Solaris?

Sometime, we need to find out the device names (c?t?d?s?) mapping with sd[??] or ssd[??] or rmt[??]. Here is my quick and dirty way to find the mappings between device's logical names versus aliases.

Please note that the command shown in blue is ONE long command (even if it is showing as multi lines command).

# echo "`iostat -nx | grep -v extended | awk '{ print $11 }'`" > /tmp/a ; echo "`iostat -dx | grep -v extended | awk '{ print $1 }'` " > /tmp/b; paste /tmp/a /tmp/b
device device
c6t0d0 sd11
c1t0d0 ssd1
c1t1d0 ssd2
rmt/2 st2
rmt/3 st3
rmt/4 st4
rmt/8 st15
rmt/9 st16
rmt/10 st17
rmt/11 st18
rmt/12 st19

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