Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to find Sun server's serial number?

Here is the way to find system's serial number. This is true for at least T2000, T1000, T5120 and should be true for other T-type sun servers (with ALOM user login).

Login to ALOM and do the following:

sc> showplatform
Chassis Serial Number: BEL11111GA

Domain Status
------ ------
S0 Solaris running


Anonymous said...

What you have said is indeed true for those machines.
In addition, these machines provide the serial number in the output of the Solaris "prtdiag" command, which is considerably easier to get at.

There is also a program named "sneep" which has the task of locating, storing, and reporting the serial number and other information.

See http://www.sun.com/sneep (this may change as software is moved to the Oracle web site).

Prtdiag is where the "sneep" program gets the serial number for these machines. For other machines, it searches several other data sources.
Sneep can find the serial number for you on most of the recent Sun/Oracle platforms.

See http://wikis.sun.com/display/sneep/HardwareSerial

On other machines which have no hardare support for serial number, you can use sneep to store the serial number (if you know it) into the system eeprom and a backup location.
It is kept safe and you can easily get it back whenever you need it - like when you open a Service Request.

Sneep will also store other relevant information such as Asset Number, data center Rack Location, Contract number, etc.

maneesh said...
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maneesh said...
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