Friday, June 10, 2011

Netapp - CIFS How to

WARNING!!! Storage administration ALWAYS need expertise and know before you do mindset! So, be careful while doing any changes on storages as this may affect end users, production data and can be disastrous if not done right!!!

How to reload CIFS user's home directory settings?

Note: In netapp (ontap), user's home directory listing reside in /vol/vol0/etc/cifs_homedir.cfg file. For adding any new home directory location, simply add the volume/qtree in the said file and proceed as below:

The following commands are available; for more information
type "cifs help "
access domaininfo nbalias shares
adupdate gpresult prefdc sidcache
audit gpupdate resetdc stat
broadcast help restart terminate
changefilerpwd homedir sessions testdc
comment lookup setup top

[ADMINHOST] # rsh FILERNAME cifs help homedir
cifs homedir
cifs homedir load [-f]
cifs homedir showuser

[ADMINHOST] # rsh FILERNAME cifs homedir load

[ADMINHOST] # rsh FILERNAME cifs homedir

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