Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to install Flash player plugin for Linux 64-bit version?

Step by step: (Good for Linux 64-bit OS + Firefox 64 bit combination)

1) Download flash player plugin from Adobe site. To get a link to flash player, open and try to play a video. If it does not play, then click on link provided to download flash player.

2) Go to ~/.mozilla/plugins directory and copy the plugin file in user's home directory/.mozilla/plugins. In my case, plugin directory was not created hence I created it manually for root user.

Shutdown/close firefox and restarted it. Voila!!! It worked like a charm!!! :)

Note (1) : The name of plugin file in this case was
Note (2) : In case of multiple users on the system, it has to be repeated for all users.

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Cegonsoft said...

Thanks for your given steps ""How to install Flash player plugin for Linux 64-bit version?", Before I see this , I do not know how to install? thanks for your valuable post..