Friday, June 17, 2011

How to troubleshoot NIS client on Linux?

In my recently installed server, NIS client was not working/binding even though I install everything using same kickstart server.

The only difference was that this system is sitting in different VLAN and hence I needed to manually key in the NIS master/slave server information on this server.

Upon detailed troubleshooting, I found that NIS slaves/master servers names were not resolved by this server hence it could not find/translate the NIS servers and hence could not bind. The moment host name resolution became ok, NIS also was ok. :)

My checklist for NIS client troubleshooting:
1) Check VLAN (if NIS slave/master is in same VLAN as of server. If not, add entry in /etc/yp.conf)
2) Make sure NIS servers are pingable (with hostname and hostname resolution is working)
3) Check the network cable & network status
4) Restart portmap + ypbind.

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