Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Copy-paste not working in xterm

Ok, so many times users calls for their copy-paste problem. In some cases, it is resolvable problem while in other cases, it is just some cache-flush issue.

Here is my list of steps which may help:

1) Check for disk quota –It includes user’s home directory + the project he/she is working on. If any quota limit is over the limit, copy/paste will also not work!

2) Check for volume (if NFS location) or filesystem hosting above directories – If volume or filesystem is full, then also same problem.

3) Most interesting: If it is “xterm” related problem then ask user to use “SHIFT & select” and then paste. It does magic. The root cause is “When an application sets xterm to any of its mouse tracking modes, it reserves the unshifted mouse button clicks for the application's use. Unless you have modified the treatment of the shifted mouse button events (e.g., with your window manager), you can always do cut/paste by pressing the shift key while clicking with the mouse.”

Please feel free to add your own expertise to resolve the same problem in this list!

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