Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to make life simple with Gnome launcher?

I was looking for a solution to launch a GUI application from other server. For example, to launch jnbSA (java interface for netbackup) from other server which runs Gnome. In GNOME, the configuration of these things are very simple and takes hardly 4-5 steps.

Here is what I did to setup a launcher for jnbSA on another server running gnome:

1) Setup the password less ssh authentication first so that it will be easy. (though it is not required but good to have)
2) Login to the server which runs GUI/Gnome.
3) In desktop, rightclick and select "Create Launcher"

4) In the Create Launcher window, fill the necessary fields. Note that command field should use "ssh -X" (this is to enable X11 forwarding).

5) In place of jnbSA, one may launch xterm, xclock, DBCA (for DBAs) etc...

If the passwordless ssh is already setup, then there is NO NEED to select "Run in terminal" option in create launcher window.

Voila! The launcher is ready to go!

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