Thursday, September 11, 2008

Using Lynx

Lynx is one of the oldest text based browser which still comes with Linux and some other OS. If for any reason, the GUI based browser is not available, then lynx can be used in place of that. Here are the brief shortcuts for using lynx:

To launch yahoo/or any other web site from command line:

# lynx
# lynx

Once inside browser, here are the shortcuts:

? : To display help
/ : To search any thing (equivalent to CTRL+F in Internet Explorer)
\ : To switch between HTML code and the web page
G : To go to any other website (type G and then URL)
CTRL+R : To reload the current web-page
P : To save/print the web page
CTRL+A : To jump at starting of web-page
CTRL+E : To jump at the end of web-page
m : To go back to home/starting page
BACKSPACE : To display browser's history (previously visited pages)
V : List of previously visited pages
! : To spawn shell. (type exit in shell to return to brower)

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