Wednesday, July 9, 2008

VNC Server on Solaris

Following are the steps to install and use VNC on a Solaris server:

1) Download and install following packages from

x11vnc-0.7-sol9-sparc-local (Main package)
jpeg-6b-sol9-sparc-local (dependency package)
zlib-1.2.3-sol9-sparc-local (dependency package)

2) Once above packages are installed, then run the command below to start VNC server on server:

# x11vnc -display :0

3) On any local machine (laptop/workstation where you want to see the server screen), open the VNC viewer and give the "servername:5900" to see the server's screen.

In step 3, "servername" has to be replaced with the Solaris server's actual name or IP address. Remember that VNC server, by default, works on port 5900. This can be changed later depending upon requirements.

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