Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HP Data Protector - Omnibackup useful commands

How to see version information?
/opt/omni/bin/omnicc -ver
HP OpenView Storage Data Protector A.05.50: OMNICC, internal build PHSS_32830/PHSS_32831/DPSOL_00144, built on Thu Jun 9 03:03:08 2005

/opt/omni/lbin/bma -ver
HP OpenView Storage Data Protector A.05.50: BMA, internal build PHSS_33631_33632_DPSOL_00169, built on Mon Oct 3 09:01:00 2005

How to invoke Omnibackup GUI?

Backup reports
omnirpt -html -report list_sessions -timeframe 24 24 -email EMAILIDS

Media report
omnirpt -html -report used_media -timeframe 24 24 -email EMAILIDS
omnirpt -html -report used_media_extended -timeframe 24 24 -email EMAILIDS

To see a session details
omnidb -session -detail
omnidb -session 2007/08/23-3 (for brief status)
omnidb -session 2007/08/23-3 -detail (for every file system level detail)

To manually start the backup from command line
/opt/omni/bin/omnib -datalist POLICY_NAME -mode full -load high

How to start/stop/status the Omnibackup
Status : /opt/omni/sbin/omnisv status
Start : /opt/omni/sbin/omnisv start
Stop : /opt/omni/sbin/omnisv stop

How to see available media report
/opt/omni/bin/omnimm -list_pool


jimthomas@ajmpack.com said...

Your omnibak command has helped me tremendously- However I would like to see the output for this command:omnidb -session $(date +%Y/%m/%d-1) -detail in a tabular format ( like the GUI version) so that I may parse out only the mount point and the bytes backed up. I tried using excel pivot command but the initial list has to already be in tabular format. Is there an additional switch the the output could be in tabular format? Do I need to use Sed, Awk or someother stream editor?
Thank You
Jim T

Anonymous said...


You can use the -html switch and then load the data on excel or treat it in bash.
hope it helps.